Sustainable Museums: Strategies for the 21st Century

As a freelance curator interested in cultivating sustainable approaches to exhibition production, design and re-use, Rachel Maden’s new book ‘Sustainable Museums’ offers innovative practical strategies for incorporating sustainable working practices into both institutional and individual curatorial practice.

How can museums remain resilient in uncertain times?  How can they thrive under changing economic, legislative and cultural conditions? In Sustainable Museums: Strategies for the 21st Century, museum sustainability expert Rachel Madan covers new territory for any museum that is interested in becoming more sustainable. This is not a book about changing light bulbs…

Sustainable Museums provides a system enabling you to start making changes that are both transformational and lasting. It will help you create a museum that is resilient, confident and secure in its sustainability approach. (And as well as lots of advice, it provides a host of international case studies along the way.)

Among the key topics covered in the book’s information-rich 300 pages are:

  • Developing a sustainability vision for your own museum
  • The importance of leadership – and achieving it at every level
  • Finding and bringing your sustainability team together
  • Undertaking your sustainability audit and discovering where you are
  • Determining where you want to get to
  • Developing a sustainability strategy for your museum
  • Setting and achieving critical targets and milestones
  • Developing the policies and plans which will support your strategy
  • Letting the world know – communicating your sustainability
  • Overcoming the inevitable implementation problems
  • Where do you go next?

Educated in New York and London, Rachel Madan is a leading international expert in museum sustainability and founder of Greener Museums. She has worked with Tate, the Department of Culture Media & Sport, National Museums Liverpool, National Library of Scotland and many other organisations large and small in the UK and USA. As Tate’s Director, Sir Nicholas Serota says, “She engenders fresh thinking and applies new solutions that are helping us achieve real change…”

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