Sounding Underground

I am currently doing research on creative and radical mapping projects for a workshop I am planning to hold in Edmonton: “Off the Grid: Exploring Creative Cartographies”. The workshop will have a session on the theme of “Mapping Sound and Sounding Maps”.

For those of you going to this year’s RGS-IBG annual conference with an interest in mapping sounds or sounding maps be sure to go to the Friday (Sept 3rd) session “Sonic Methods in Human Geography”.

Organised by Dr Michael Gallagher (Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh) and Jonathon Prior (PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh), the session aims to bring together researchers who are actively using sound to explore geographical issues, providing a platform for methodological development to complement the growing interest in the geographies of sound and music (e.g. Anderson et al, 2005; Cameron and Rogalsky, 2006; Wood et al, 2007). Papers will cover topics such as:

  • Sonic research methods: soundwalking; deep listening; multi-sensory ethnography; acoustic mapping; sound design and architecture; acoustic ecology; field recording; sound art and experimentalism.
  • The interface between academic research and creative practice in the sonic arts.
  • Cartographies of sound and other forms of representing sound.
  • Experimentation with different forms of sonic dissemination: blogs, podcasts, performances, radio broadcasts, etc.

The session also connects with Dr Ximena Alarcon’s virtual exhibition “Sounding Underground”: a virtual environment that invites users to interact with the soundscapes of three underground public transport systems: London, Paris and México City.

Working on the underground, courtesy London Transport Museum.

Sans Façon (Tristan Surtees and Charles Blanc) will also be presenting Odd Sympathies (Cardiff) at the session.

“In collaboration with composer John Metcalf, Sans façon created Odd Sympathies, three sonic pieces that frame both the sights and sounds of Cardiff. Drawing inspiration from John Cage’s iconic work, 4′ 33″, these precisely composed sound walks take in some of the Cardiff’s fascinating soundmarks and open the ears to a sound world that is in many ways as dense and magical as a rainforest.”

To learn more about this work go to the project website: oddsympathies.

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2 Responses to Sounding Underground

  1. Barbara says:

    You might be interested in connecting with Elastic City. New York based soundwalks, but the sound artists are willing to travel!

    • Merle says:

      Thanks Barbara for the info on Elastic City – if I get enough funding it would be great to bring their expertise to the workshop.

      I see you are running a course on the in the sociology of gender – where are you based and what are your other research interests?

      Always good to connect with fellow sociologists (My undergrad was in geography joint with sociology).


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