Dispatch: Notes towards a Lexicon of Urgencies

DISPATCH is the Independent Curators International’s (ICI) new bi-monthly online journal that features a different curator’s points of view on current developments in art. Practitioners based in different cities around the world are invited to use DISPATCH as their virtual base, building their research over time through text, image, and video.

This month’s issue, entitled Notes Towards a Lexicon of Urgencies, addresses the global circulations of cultural production and so is of particular interest to art in place:

“To our generation of cultural producers, location has long ago liberated itself from geography. We map our location on a transregional lattice of shifting nodes representing intense occasions of collegiality, temporary platforms of convocation, and transcultural collaborations. As we move along the shifting nodes of this lattice, we produce outcomes along a scale of forms ranging across informal conversations, formal symposia, self-renewing caucuses, periodic publications, anthologies, traveling exhibitions, film festivals, biennials, residencies, and research projects. This global system of cultural production takes its cue from the laboratory: as in all laboratories, the emphasis is on experiment and its precipitates. However, to the extent that this system is relayed across a structure of global circulations, it also possesses a dimension of theatre: a rather large proportion of its activity is in the nature of rehearsal and restaging.

In this DISPATCH, we would like to address the dilemmas as well as the potentialities of a mode of cultural production that is based on global circulations yet is not merely circulatory; and a mode of life that is based on transnational mobility but is not without anchorage in regional predicaments.”

Taking advantage of the interactive platform (DISPATCH allows for comments and feedback from readers) the authors Nancy Adajania & Ranjit Hoskote invite readers to comment on their posts and will also update their issue of DISPATCH each Friday in October and November with the following terms from the Lexicon of Urgencies:

1. Critical Transregionality
2. The Dividual Self
3. Emplacement
4. Heaviness
5. Convocation
6. Transient Pedagogy
7. Geniza
8. Detour
9. Jujitsu
10. The Agoratic Condition
11. A Contributory Ethic

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