Re-Inscribing the City: Unitary Urbanism and it’s Legacy

Re-inscribing the City is a panel discussion happening April 9th 2011, in New York. My friend (and fellow collaborator) Adeola Enigbokan of will be on the panel and although I can’t make it I would recommend it to critical and experimental geographers living in or visiting NY at that time.

Re-Inscribing the City: Unitary Urbanism and it’s Legacy

Panel Discussion, April 9th , 4:15-5:45pm

WHERE: Judson Memorial Church (balcony)

55 Washington Square South, NYC

A panel for the 5th Annual Anarchist Book Fair.

From the late 1950s until about the early 1970s, a group of poets, artists, architects, students and troublemakers known as the Lettrrist/Situationist International (LI/SI) made a desperate attempt to re-inscribe the European city so that its inhabitants could break free from the bleak urban routine of work and consumption. Today some artists are still attempting to break from urban alienation, while operating on the periphery of the establishment, (a.k.a the city’s cultural gate-keepers.) This panel critically examines these past strategies and contemporary work within the LI/SI vein.

Participating panelists: Ethan Spigland, Adeola Enigbokan, Dillon De Give/Blake Morris & The Walk Study Group, and Wilfried Hou Je Bek


Related to this event, Urban researcher Paulo Jorge Vieira and his colleagues have recently launched the collective Urban Manifesto:

The Urban Manifesto is constituted as an informal collective of discussion and development of critical thinking in geography. The unifying element of the Manifesto and its activities is the focus on understanding the importance of space in social processes, especially in urban contexts.

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