Kate Foster Talks “Changeable Places” at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

I want to bring to your attention a presentation by environmental artist Kate Foster at Glasgow Sculpture Studios that I, and fellow geographer Hayden Lorimer,  will be contributing to on Thursday 23 June 1-2 pm (UK time) as we would appreciate your company and viewpoint.

Kate’s talk will continue a cross-disciplinary theme that has been developing in the Thursday talks at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios,  most recently on art-sci projects like the Clipperton Project and Cape Farewell which are instigating cultural responses to climate change and the biosphere.

Kate will be talking about working as an artist on ecological issues, in combination with academic research.  With the theme ‘changeable places’  she’ll give snapshots of work in Ecuador, South Africa, and the Scottish Southern Uplands.

Changable Places also titles an online forum (initiated by Kate and fellow artist Jethro Brice) that offers a space for artists, activists and geographers to share work about engaging with places with uncertain prospects in terms of land use, biodiversity and climate change. The project began with the idea that if you are immersed in a setting it helps to share your sense of that place. Newcomers can become interested in these layered connections – leading to discussion about what to communicate and how we engage with the setting’s future.  Particular nuances of place can be viewed within broader landscapes.

The project arose out of conversations between environmental activists, artists, geographers and writers, and this is where Kate was interested in getting input from Hayden Lorimer and myself.

Having both collaborated with Kate in the past, she asks us to introduce work we have done on ‘changeable places’ and to reflect on what we count as success? Whose critique and criteria do we seek?

Kate recorded our contributions in advance on sykpe (as we were both unable to attend Glasgow Sculpture Studios in person) and we talk variously about experimental geography, making ‘small stories’, and creating networks for engaging with anthropogenic environmental change:

Navigate to Andriko Lozowy and Merle Patchett’s account of “The Sights and Sounds of Bitumen Extraction in Alberta, Canada”  on the Changeable Places website.

Navigate to the “Values in Environmental Writing Research Network” 

To hear the talk in full:

23 June 1-2 pm (UK time)

Further info from www.glasgowsculpturestudios.org

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