SIGHTING OIL – special issue

Andriko Lozowy and I recently contributed a collaborative piece to this great special issue on the theme of Sighting Oil which was based on our trip to photograph and take sound recordings in and around the Alberta Oil Sands (click here for the original post documenting the trip)


Sighting Oil

Guest Editors Andrew Pendakis and Sheena Wilson

Table of Contents

By Andrew Pendakis and Sheena Wilson
By Ursula Biemann and Andrew Pendakis
By Warren Cariou
By Allan Stoekl
By Imre Szeman and Maria Whiteman
By Mike Gismondi and Debra J. Davidson
By Peter Hitchcock
By Lance Duerfahrd
By Tracy Lassiter
Curatorial Essay by—Merle Patchett
Photographs and Creative Text by—Andriko J. Lozowy
By Jonathan Gordon
By Michael Truscello

Book Reviews

Review of Nadia Bozak, The Cinematic Footprint: Lights, Camera, Natural Resources
By Georgiana Banita
Review of Reza Negarestani, Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials
By Tim Kaposy
Review of Timothy Mitchell. Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil
By Mark Simpson
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