Speaking with Spectres: Experimental Geographies in Practice

Enigbokan, E. and Patchett, M. (2012) ‘Speaking with Spectres: Experimental Geographies in Practice’, Cultural Geographies, 19(4) 535–546.

This co-authored paper documents Terrible Karma: Reverberations of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire – a mobile sound and photographic installation produced by Adeola Enigbokan and myself exploring the global reverberations of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, on its 100th anniversary.

The title of the piece – Terrible Karma – referred to both the title of a protest song sung by Cambodian female garment workers at a union rally in Phnom Penh (July 2010 – click for translation) and to the idea that events of the garment industry past continue to haunt the present, that injustice unresolved always comes back. The work arised out of our mutual desire to mark the centenary of the Triangle factory fire whilst also exploring the constraints and conditions in which garment workers continue to work, live and die.

Unfortunately the journal Cultural Geographies is not open access, however for more documentation of the happening on this blog see: https://merlepatchett.wordpress.com/triangle/

or https://merlepatchett.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/documentation-of-terrible-karma-u-haul-truck-as-mobile-exhibition-space/

Here is the original flier for the event:

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