Archiving Oil – images

Just thought I would post some images taken by Neville Gabie of the Archiving Oil event we installed in the Earth Sciences Rock Collection Store on May 16th as part of the University of Bristol’s Museums at Night events.

We had a great turn out of 200+ over the course of the evening.











Archiving Oil- list of artworks


Neville Gabie

As part of his Leverhulme funded residency with the Cabot Institute at Bristol University, Neville Gabie has been working on a series of short films considering the materiality of oil and chalk amongst other materials. This evening he will be screening some of the oil based films.

Experiments in Black and White 1 – video installation – duration 13mins 13 seconds

[basement corridor opposite the lift]

Experiments in Black and White 3 – video installation – duration 13mins 29 seconds

[basement corridor]

Experiments in Black and White 4 – video – duration 24mins 55 seconds

[rock store]

Neville Gabie – Merle Patchett

Archiving Oil – installation with video projection – duration 8 mins 27 seconds

[rock store]

Archiving Oil is an ongoing collaborative project that emerged out of The Oil Common Room an ‘object-orientated’ seminar we hosted in the School of Geographical Sciences for which we invited colleagues to bring an object with them that in some way archived their relationship to oil. Before adding their objects to our collection (some of which are on display here) we asked colleagues to create a label that detailed what is was, where it came from and its personal significance. These objects range from everyday petroleum-based products like plastic bottles and bags, to personal items such as passports and photographs, to research-related items such as modelling software and scientific research papers. Collectively these objects begin to archive oil’s presence and permeations both within and beyond our research worlds, whilst their labels offer personal records of oil impressions.

You can read about one visitor’s experience on the Cabot Institute blog:

We will be holding the exhibition again as the ‘Oil Common Room’ which include a few new pieces by Neville and a public workshop aspect.  This will be held during BIG Green Week on the 18th and 19th of June 6pm-9pm – it would be great if any of you could make it!

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