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Geographer-artists: creative practice as research tool?

Consider yourself a geographer-artist? If so then you may be interested in submitting an abstract for the following session – ‘Geographer-artists: creative practice as research tool? – being organized by Dr Harriet Hawkins (University of Bristol) and Dr Phil Jones … Continue reading

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F.E.A.S.T: Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics

The current economic climate is forcing artists and not-for-profit artist-run centres to come up innovative new funding strategies. One of these is FEAST (Funding Emerging Artists with Sustainable Tactics). FEAST is a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial … Continue reading

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MAP: Movement Art Public/Make Art Public

I have recently been introduced to MAP: Movement Art Public/Make Art Public. Founded in January 2006, in Montreal Quebec, MAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of art and culture in everyday life. MAP applies an innovative strategy … Continue reading

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Geo-Imaginaries: Topology vs Topography

New topological geo-imaginaries have to some extent supplanted landscape as a medium for theorising space and nature-culture realtions. Such accounts of space aim to challenge the static conceptions of space, measurement, distance, surface, and perspective developed by traditional landscape studies. … Continue reading

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Our planet faces unprecedented change. If we continue on our current path, by the end of this century, or earlier, our environment will be in a state that modern humans have never experienced. In parts of the world, supplies of … Continue reading

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What is Cultural Geography?

In this post I would like to address a question which is often asked of me in Canada: what is “Cultural Geography”? Cultural Geography is a subfield of Human Geography which focuses “upon the patterns and interactions of human culture, … Continue reading

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Elastic City: Reshaping New York through Walks

Thanks to Barbara for introducing me to Elastic City, an artist run company that commissions a series of artist-led sensory city tours in NY. Elastic City is produced and directed by Todd Shalom and “intends to make its audience active … Continue reading

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Bask in the Limelight Courtesy of Sans façon

      Sans façon, a collaborative art practice between British artist, Tristan Surtees, and French architect, Charles Blanc, are currently touring their public light installation: Limelight: Saturday Night. The work was chosen to form part of a series of works … Continue reading

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Sounding Underground

I am currently doing research on creative and radical mapping projects for a workshop I am planning to hold in Edmonton: “Off the Grid: Exploring Creative Cartographies”. The workshop will have a session on the theme of “Mapping Sound and Sounding … Continue reading

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The Non-Productive Role of the Artist: The Creative Industries in Canada

Essential reading for anyone interested in (or worried about) the rise of the ‘creative industries’ in Canada: “The Non-Productive Role of the Artist: The Creative Industries in Canada” by Marc James Lger Abstract The televised parliamentary leaders’ debate of 2008 … Continue reading

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