Reflecting on Dead Birds: a Photographic Study by Andriko Lozowy

Andriko Lozowy, photographer and sociologist, recently took a series of photographs – Reflecting on Dead Birds – of the exhibition Fashioning Feathers…  that I recently curated at the FAB gallery, Edmonton.

The photographs act as a virtual tour of the exhibition as well as highlighting the the juxtaposition of the artworks of Andrea Roe and Kate Foster with the feathered hats and trimmings from the Clothing and Textiles Collection, University of Alberta.

Kate Foster’s work THE BIOGRAPHY OF A LIE responds obliquely, imagining that birds had access to the materials and crafts of the Plume Boom. What would they do? She turns found and scavenged materials into a body jewellery series for some bird species that were almost made extinct at the hight of ‘feather fashions’.

Andrea Roe’s video work Kingfisher delicately records the taxidermy process, where skin and feathers are rearranged to appear alive again. Her other work shown in the exhibition – Intimate – also gets under the skin, as human and bird exchange form as “great tit”.

To see the full series of photographs Andriko took  (including shots of the installation process) click here.

To see reviews of the show navigate to the Fashioning Feathers Blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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